Abortion clinic alternatives in Akron, Cleveland, Canton & Cuyahoga Falls.

An unplanned pregnancy can turn your world upside down.

It's hard to think clearly when everything seems to be going wrong. It's easy to make rash decisions which you might later wish you'd never made.

Every day, every hour, we help women step back and think through their difficult situations.

We're not here to pressure you or anything - we're here to listen to you and help you think things out clearly.

Services may vary from center to center.

Pregnancy Helpline

Trained consultants are standing by to listen to your concerns and answer your questions about pregnancy, abortion, and similar issues.

800 395 HELP

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Choosing an abortion is a difficult decision

Choosing an abortion is a difficult decision. At Pregnancy Resource Centers, we understand the circumstances and the emotions which lead many women to choose an abortion. Many of our volunteers have dealt with women who have chosen abortion, and some of our volunteers can relate from personal experience.

When you call Pregnancy Resource Centers, you'll find understanding - not judgment or condemnation - in a confidential setting.

Many women choose abortion out of fear

Many women, over 80% in some polls, choose abortion out of fear - fear of not being able to raise a child, fear of losing their partner and fear of losing control over their lives. It's fear that our phone volunteers can help you address. You're pregnant ... and while that may seem like an obstacle or something to be afraid of, you are not alone.

Things happen to us for a reason

Things happen in our lives for a reason, and there is a network in place that can help you ... with emotional support, physical resources, and even temporary housing should you need it.

Call 1-800-395-HELP and you'll talk with someone trained to help you step back from the situation. It's a confidential and anonymous way to consider your options with someone who'll listen with an open mind.

We can help you think through your situation

Pregnancy Resource Centers provide:

  • Information on the abortion process and questions to ask abortion providers
  • Help in the decision-making process choosing whether or not to carry the baby to term
  • Information on potential health risks linked to abortion
  • Post-abortion help for women and men
  • Note: Pregnancy Resource Centers are not abortion providers and do not make referrals for them


We can help answer questions like:

  • Do you have information available on the abortion process?
  • Will an abortion have an impact on future pregnancies?
  • What questions should I ask an abortion provider?
  • How late in my pregnancy can I have an abortion?
  • Is there someone I can talk to after the abortion if I need to?


Five questions to ask an abortion provider:

  • Will my abortion hurt?
  • Is the doctor certified by the State Board, and at what area hospitals does he/she have privileges?
  • If I have complications such as high fever or excessive bleeding, would your clinic see me immediately?
  • If I hemorrhage or have lots of bleeding, are you prepared to do a blood transfusion?
  • Do you have cardiac arrest equipment?