Abortion clinic alternatives in Akron, Cleveland, Canton & Cuyahoga Falls.

An unplanned pregnancy can turn your world upside down.

It's hard to think clearly when everything seems to be going wrong. It's easy to make rash decisions which you might later wish you'd never made.

Every day, every hour, we help women step back and think through their difficult situations.

We're not here to pressure you or anything - we're here to listen to you and help you think things out clearly.

Services may vary from center to center.

Pregnancy Helpline

Trained consultants are standing by to listen to your concerns and answer your questions about pregnancy, abortion, and similar issues.

800 395 HELP

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Choosing to become a parent

Choosing to keep your baby is an important decision and a responsibility that Pregnancy Resource Centers support with a variety of programs and services.

It's important to give your child the best start in life. We can provide information on proper nutrition, help you maintain regular check-ups, and help you plan a future for you and baby.

Pregnancy Centers can help with your physical needs or provide temporary housing. PRCs can also provide you with material goods such as maternity clothing, baby furniture and children's clothing.

Pregnancy Resource Centers can help you

Pregnancy Centers exist to help you become a successful parent. Along with material support, we can also provide you with emotional support to help you make the transition to parenthood. We can provide you with referrals for ongoing support and assistance.

Parenting is not a simple decision

The decision to raise your child is one that can affect many aspects of your life, your education, career and future plans. Pregnancy Resource Centers can help you understand how you can meet your goals while caring for a child. Call 1-800-395-HELP. You'll talk with a trained person who can help you take some important first steps toward a healthy beginning for you and your child.

We can provide the support you need before and after the baby:

  • Maternity, clothes, baby clothes, cribs & accessories
  • Referrals for maternity housing
  • Referrals for medical care, legal aid and other services
  • Information on insurance, doctors, hospitals or clinics for prenatal care, labor & delivery
  • Educational services to help you and your partner understand the prenatal process and what happens in the delivery room
  • Parenting classes
  • Advocacy


We can help answers questions like :

  • How can I afford to have a baby right now?
  • Do you have information about insurance, hospitals and doctors?
  • How can I continue my education?
  • How will a pregnancy affect my job? What are the legal guidelines regarding maternity leave?
  • What resources are available if I choose to raise my child?