Arcwave Lon Review


You want to enhance your sex life. While it is a daunting road up to you, there’s many ways to make things more exciting on the bed. Sometimes pure masturbation isn’t enough. What better way to add an sex toy or two? Don’t forget some lube too! These can upgrade the experience and leave you feeling satisfied when you’re done with it all.

Remember that masturbation, or any sexual hormone you experience is natural. Sex should be taught with proper education, and no stigmas should be ingrained. In this article, we introduces one of the latest sex toys of the moment: the Arcwave Ion.

This device is made by WOWTech Ltd, makers of popular sex toys, including the Womanizer as well as We-Vibe. For those who aren’t aware it is WOWTech’s first venture into male sex toys.


Pros and Cons Arcwave Lon Review


  • Does not look like an sex toy on first glance
  • Beginner-friendly with instructions included
  • All sizes of Dicks, cut or uncut, can fit
  • Waterproof
  • Made out of hypoallergenic and high-density silicone
  • It can be divided to allow for two parts, making it easy cleaning


  • Only intended for single masturbation or for solo play
  • Noisy sounds are heard; even though it’s covered by the Smart Silence feature
  • The charging case may be too heavy

Arcwave Ion’s Setup

The stunning Arcwave Ion has a length of 5.9 inches, while its size measures 2.04 inches. The top of the device which is 3.42 inches of it, can be utilized to protect the tip the penis. It’s diameter can be stretched up to 1.73 inches, but the internal diameter of 1.29 inches.

Now you’re asking, would this fit on my rod? Yes! Whether circumcised or uncircumcised the member will enjoy all kinds of pleasure here.


Arcwave Lon Review

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Main Features of Arcwave Ion

Most sex toys aren’t discrete when they show themselves. You won’t realize that this is actually a toy. It’s designed to blend in with the surrounding.

The Arcwave Ion has varying vibration levels that can be controlled with the remote. The vibrations fixate on the cock’s frenulum to create stimulation. It’s got the familiar feel of a regular vibrator on it’s lowest level. When you add more pulse, you can expect high-pitched sounds that will be heard. It could distract those who prefer to remain at a distance from their privacy.

You can do this at your own pace. Edging and other forms of orgasms are also available with the sex toy. A small compartment can be found inside where you can use the lube too. It could take a long time; just trust how it provides the sexual pleasure. Imagine getting a blowjob as your partner’s tongue twitches at the tip of your penis.

You can get that nut busted the way you want it be.

It can also be twisted to split the toy in two. This will show the silica stick inside, and ensures that any moisture will be captured down to the one drop.

Clean Silicone

The Silicone in the Arcwave Ion is hypoallergenic and has a high density concentration. Any form of dust or bacteria will not stick to it, making it suitable for use. Another advantage is that it’s water-resistant. Submerging them underwater makes them easier to clean.

Storage Base

Its base serves as the charging station for the Ion. While at rest, the charge will last for at most an hour and a half. The base protects the Ion from dust or potential dangers.

However, the base can be heavy for storage. So it’s best to find an area to hide it, even if it can be easily integrated into the room.

Smart Silence

Be cautious when you use this.

The name implies that you will hear some sounds. It lowers the sounds, but it is not completely quiet. Another issue is that the device contact the skin prior to activation. If contact is broken, it will cause to cause the Arcwave Ion to shut down. This isn’t a practical option all the time, particularly when you’re in your most tense.

You won’t feel as much enjoyment when you’re on Smart Silence is on, but you’ll be able to play schlong with it. If you are discreet. It’s fine to use it for a stroker if you aren’t feeling like it.


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Pleasure Air

This is among the most important advantages of Arcwave Ion. In its sense the device will pump air upwards into the frenulum. Instead of a stroke with your fingers the air will do the masturbation process for you. Similar features are found in the Womanizer sexual toy. In order to target the sensitive nerves that lie beneath your dick will have an exaggerated gasp.

Pricing of Arcwave Ion

The price range is around $199, excluding tax on its official site. Prices may differ from store to store on the internet, however. It will be delivered discreetly to you just like any other product when shipped. Expect the box to look like a stylish new device that you purchased.

What You Get in the Box

Apart from the Archive Ion, you have the essentials for every sex toy. A Pjur water-based lubricant, USB cable and of course the instruction manual.


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In short, you earned gold in exchange for the best sexual toy available.

The Arcwave Ion is a significant investment for your sex lifestyle and the price alone. It can be too expensive for certain people, and that’s to be expected. This device can be cleaned with warm water since it’s waterproof. With high-density silicone, you don’t be concerned about bacteria or viruses that might be present. Arcwave Lon Review

The only issue could be the volume it can be at times. Even if it comes with the Smart Silence feature, it could not be as relaxing as doing its own thing. Arcwave Lon Review

What it does instead is that it is able to delight the tips with air waves. These pulsating airwaves will touch-sensitive nerves at your penis, and you’ll enjoy the greatest climax you ever had. When it’s over you can let it rest completely on its own.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Arcwave Lon Review

What is this Arcwave Ion exactly?

The Arcwave Ion is the first male sex toys manufactured by WOWTech Ltd. Its innovative Pleasure Air technology uses pulsating airwaves to provide a fantastic climax. The best part is that it allows for all kinds of fantasies about sexuality so that guys can spark their interest.

Does this toy meet the requirements for a recommended sex toy?

People with a penis can utilize it. If you are not used to using sex toys the first time, a manual for instruction is included inside the box. Everyone must start somewhere , so that they don’t feel like they’re missing out. This makes it easy for anyone wanting to experiment with new things at least once.

Is Arcwave Ion free from harm?

Absolutely. The device is constructed of high-density silicon that is UV-resistant and hypoallergenic. So any dirt or germs aren’t able to remain in the device’s surface. Make sure you get rid of any debris after each masturbating session.

Are all penises of every size function using Arcwave Ion?

Size doesn’t matter here because it can be used with every one of them. This Arcwave Ion has an insertion area of 33mm without stretching. If it is used to extend it, it can be extended by up to 44mm. Notably, it is also flexible, allowing you to use any girth or length.

Do you feel any satisfaction when circumcised and uncircumcised?

Of course. Circumcised or not it won’t affect the pleasure you get from it. The same device can stimulate the nerves that are sensitive on penises that have been circumcised as well as uncircumcised. There is always a unique method of dealing with these types of issues.

Which kind of masturbation type works best?

If you’re looking for a solo quickie, then you can be comfortable. While you can turn down the volume, it is better to be able to focus on the main point of the event. The device only lasts for about an hour and a half, so your time with it should be done when you are at your best. It isn’t recommended to utilize it with a companion unless they are fine with enjoying themselves on their own. Like sexual relations, communication is crucial.

Does the warranty cover you?

A 2-year warranty period is included when you avail of the Arcwave Ion. It will cover any surface defects or manufacturing errors on the product. If the product is handled in a negligent manner like wear and tear, it’s not covered.

Which is the most popular oil to use with the Arcwave Ion?

Water-based lubricants of any kind are the best choice to use. The company offers a Pjur water-based lubricant, which can be found in the packaging. It should come made by approved suppliers who adhere to an approved medical standard when testing other brands. The lubricants made of silicone are not recommended for use, particularly on sex toys made from silicone.

Is it ok to make use of the Arcwave Ion as a stroker?

Yes, you can. If you feel the Pleasure Air over the frenulum, it may leave it as it is. The experience won’t be as pleasant however, you can find another option to help your body feel better. Feelings that are focused will be up to you in the final.

What can you do to get rid of the device properly at when it has reached the conclusion of its life?

At no additional cost, the company can take in the electrical waste that comes from the device. If there are used-up batteries ensure that you add them too. Tossing electrical waste can be harmful to the environment as it has to undergo various processes. Don’t throw away electrical appliances or batteries in your personal garbage bin.

What is the time frame for delivery? be?

It could be as little as 2 days at a minimum. At most, it could take up to 5 days upon order. Delivery times can vary based the place you are. For information on the status of your order, you can refer to Arcwave Ion’s official site Arcwave Ion or contact their customer service.


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