Abortion clinic alternatives in Akron, Cleveland, Canton & Cuyahoga Falls.

Abortion Clinic Alternatives

Getting pregnant is not the end of the world. Pregnancy Resource Centers are here across the nation to help you. Call our toll free number today, and we'll connect you with your local pregnancy center.

Pregnancy Helpline

Trained consultants are standing by to listen to your concerns and answer your questions about pregnancy, abortion, abortion clinic alternatives, and similar issues.

800 395 HELP

You're free to make your choice

The choice you make regarding the outcome of your pregnancy is a personal decision. We're here to help you think carefully through your situation so you can make that choice wisely.

What are my options for my pregnancy?

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I think I want an abortion

I can't keep this baby - having an abortion is really my only option.

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Should I consider adoption?

I don't know if adoption is something I really can consider for my baby.

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What if I decide to keep it?

I can't afford a baby. What can I do if I decide to become a parent now?